The comprehensive range of services we offer includes for many companies and associations a very appealing option doing all the back office tasks associated with professional education events. For these clients we do "everything" but teach the course. All the logistics are outsourced to our company requiring very few in-house employees and allowing you the opportunity to do the creative work.

To determine if this is right for your company or group you might want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would I like to lower my overhead (and breakeven point) and raise my margin of profitability?
  • Do I have the staff to handle the peaks (and valleys) associated with putting on events?
  • Do our events run smoothly including audio/visual, customer and speaker care, attendance sign in and out and awarding certificates?
  • Are deadlines being met for printing and mailing?
  • Are my staff expert in accreditations, customer service, data management, marketing and design, web design and implementation and on-site management?
  • Do I have the necessary expertise to create and manage an online educational catalog?

  • Do we mail to the most efficient and comprehensive list of possible attendees?
  • Are attendees getting lost in our system or showing up to events unannounced?
  • Is it time to stop using (up) volunteers for everything?

You will be pleased to know we can solve these issues for you just as we have done for many satisfied customers, and you will be amazed at the indirect benefits. With Cassidy Strategic as your back office, your productivity improves because you spend much less time managing, your customer satisfaction increases because their needs are being addressed in a timely and positive fashion, and your bottom line gets healthy because you save money in the process. A win, win, win!