Increasing the response rate to your printed mailers is Cassidy Strategicís highest priority. Utilizing state-of-the-art software will focus your mailing list, producing the best, most cost-effective results.

With sophisticated graphics capabilities and expert list managers, we can help you screen your lists for criteria ranging from income to distance to the conference location. The above graphic is the distribution of psychologists in the state of Ohio.

The following list describes our mailing list
management services:
• Mailing list consultation to draw the greatest response
   to your brochure
• Mailing lists from professional associations and state
   licensing boards
• Proprietary mail lists of professionals in health, legal,
   financial, and education at

• Process mailings for the following automation rates:
   CASS certification, postal pre-sort and NCOA
• Deliver mailings to the Postal Service in accordance
   with USPS regulations

We will save you money by doing the list mail prep in-house, finding the most affordable lists, and offering extremely competitive pricing of our proprietary lists at