This is where the rubber meets the road in event management, where all the pieces fit into place to form one smoothly-functioning whole. It is our experience that no two events are alike, and for that reason our experienced event managers work closely with your organization staff to make sure no stone is left unturned. They work with you to form a project timeline, budget and flow chart so that everyone works from the same page, and that all the pre- and post-conference services are coordinated and completed successfully.

Situation: A non-profit had been putting on an annual conference for 16 years, with steadily declining attendance in the last five of those years. Once drawing a thousand attendees, the conference attendance had declined to just over 400. Conference organizers were on the verge of canceling the event due to concerns about losing money.

Solution: Cassidy Strategic was asked to manage the event, including doing a complete review of the costs, marketing plan, as well as handling all the registrations and certifications. We advised them to selectively expand their mailing list. We revised their brochure and found a new printer and we selected another location in which to hold the event.

Results: In the first year we managed this conference, attendance rose by close to 100%. We reduced printing costs by 30%, duplication costs by 80%, and saved the company close to 50% in location costs. The bottom line grew substantially, generating a healthy profit. We saved the event from extinction by setting in place this formula for success. We were told the event had never been so well organized and fun!