• Registration online or by phone, fax or mail
  • Up-to-the-minute accounting of all registrations that you can access 24/7 online
  • Phone registrations on your dedicated toll-free number
  • Live, friendly, courteous attendants who are responsive to your customerís needs
  • Full integration with your existing web site
  • Credit card processing is encrypted and follows the latest security protection standards
  • All credit cards, invoices and purchase orders are accepted for payment of registration fees
  • Instant confirmations by email, fax or mail
  • Sales and technical questions regarding seminar content can be forwarded to your office
  • Refunds and cancellations per your instructions
  • Product sales, event orders, loyalty discounts and promotions programmed to your specification
  • Breakout sessions and special guest activities
  • Events within an event are tracked and reported individually

Our proprietary registration software is remarkably efficient at handling all these variables and is capable of taking over 10,000 registrations per day. Backed by our expert programmers, this software has been designed in-house and is completely customizable to fit any need. It is internet based and fully integrates into your existing database, recordkeeping system and live registration process. Handling phone and mail registrations in-house can be time consuming and overwhelm existing staff.

Our customer service representatives have years of experience responding to event queries, phone registrations, and refunds and credits in a prompt and friendly manner.